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Originally Posted by analyzer View Post
353016451-1 1/6/16 1:39pm $xxx $xxx Pending 1/6/16 8:00pm College Basketball 591 Tennessee State 1st Half -115* vs Eastern Illinois
353015693-1 1/6/16 1:29pm $xxx $xxx Pending 1/6/16 8:00pm College Basketball 551 Loyola Chicago/Illinois State 1st Half Under 57 -110*

Between tenn st, and EIU, The ROAD team has covered against the spread 8 strt matchups since 2009.

Tenn st has won the 1h outright, and covered ats, 4 strt matchups.

Tenn st is the road team this matchup. Two trends going the same direction.

Loy chic, and Ill st play to alot of 1h unders vs each other, and in general, esp ill st.

tenn st 31, EIU 23

Loy Chi 21, Ill st 26 Under the 57 1/2

Originally Posted by analyzer View Post
wow. 31-16 UCF, and USF, one of the two worst teams in the conference, ON THE ROAD, goes on a 16-4 run in the last 4 1/2 minutes!, to cut it to 35-32 at the break, AND COVER.

I am SO GLAD, I didn't fade USF tonight. 1st 10 would have worked well 20-9, but I would have been pissed at the UCF collapse.

I'm going to take some USF 2nd half.
32-40, covered the +4 for 19:14 of the 2nd half, pretty much exchanging buckets the whole way until the last 46 seconds, where they couldn't hit a 3. Pushed the 2nd half over/under exactly on 72

I'll take 2 of 3, after that sat sht-the-bed anytime.
"If life throws you curve balls, sit on it, and put it in the 2nd deck"..... yeah, well, that's nice, but I could never hit a damn curve ball.
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