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Originally Posted by rm0874 View Post
Just lost a big teaser on fucking depaul by half a point... missed free throw at the end doomed me againthis is after two failed box outs led two lucky tip ins... so sick of bad beats every fucking night...this is getting rough
Originally Posted by rm0874 View Post
My other legs of teaser came in, but depaul +25.5 lose by fucking 26
I'm sorry you're struggling RM, I truly am. I've been there. 1-17 streak once on the NBA, back when Sir Charles played for the 6'ers. I feel your pain. Perhaps you should give it up for a while. Take a break.

I know the last thing you want is advice from another gambler. I just want you to know, we understand where you're at, and have empathy for you.
"If life throws you curve balls, sit on it, and put it in the 2nd deck"..... yeah, well, that's nice, but I could never hit a damn curve ball.
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