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Originally Posted by analyzer View Post

Texas 1h fade, 2h play...

@Ucla 28-34, 41-25
Temple 31-34, 46-31
@UNC 23-39, 40-43
@ISU 34-44, 37-33
OSU 21-21, 37-28
A/M 26-24, 35-27
@MIzz 30-43, 43-41
@Kstate 42-43, 38-41
Kansas 27-39, 39-30
ISU 28-22, 34-33
@baylor 29-38, 42-38
Mizz 22-27, 44-40
TTech 40-25, 34-32
@A/M 33-34, 37-34* (push 2h)
Kstate 27-40, 48-24

Something like 22-7-1 ats, fading tex 1h, and betting on them 2h, and I'm not really sure what the 2nd half line was on TT, Kstate, and UNC, they may have covered all of those 2nd halves. This run might be at 25-4-1 ish.
Texas is -3 today @OU with a half time line of -1 1/2.

I see two ways to play it. Play OU 1h +1 1/2, and wait for the half time line to play Texas, or

Play OU 1h, +1 1/2, and go ahead and lay -3 for the game on Texas right away. OU is just 3-9 in conference, should Texas come out and dominate, and cost you the 1h play, they have only been outscored 2x all year in the 2nd half, and would very likely get you the split. OU has stuck around with some teams in the first half, and fallen off the board in the 2nd. I think playing it this way, gives you a reasonable shot at going 2-0, with almost no chance of going 0-2. It seems like betting against yourself, and a recipe for a paying the juice. But I like it.

OU 1h +1 1/2
Texas -3

The buckeyes are coming to MPLS, and in my opinion, it's a terrible matchup for the gophers. Mich State may have given the whole conference a blue print for shutting down Bucky, but Ralph Sampson III is no Draymond Green, and Tubby Smith is no Tom Izzo. I can't see anyone on the gophers stopping Sully. Without Mbakwe, we have no inside presence, and it could/should get ugly. The gophers trailed Wisconsin by 10 with 7 minutes left, and finished regulation with an amazing 10-0 run, but Wisconsin is a fraction of Ohio State. The gophers desperately need to go 4-2, in their last 6 games, but this isn't one of the 4. 8 is a pretty big number for an Ohio State squad that doesn't always play well on the road. However, with the lost to sparty, the buckeyes have suddenly fallen into a tie for first in the league, and just a game up on Michigan and Wisconsin. I really don't think they are going to look past the gophers for Saturdays matchup with the wolverines, and should be focused and ready to take care of business. This is a pesky bunch of gophers, and upsets are commonplace in the B1G this year, but IMO this isn't one of them. Lay the points. Ohio St -8.
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