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Originally Posted by analyzer View Post
Syracuse 1h -6 (it's a big number, but uconn can shave anything, and they just got bad news about next years dance, and may come out flat).

Kstate 1h +2 (Fade Texas 1h, and IF Texas does not cover the 1h, then play Texas 2nd half at -3 or less. Pass at halftime on anything higher).

Cinci 1h +3 1/2
(Similar to Texas, Marquette has lost the 1h straight up, 8 of last 10, and conversely won the 2nd half in 9 of 10. Play the fade/bet em, game 1h / 2h with Marquette as well. If Marquette loses the 1h straight up, bet marquette, and lay almost any single digit 2nd half .)

Colorado -4 1/2
(ASU just struggled to beat Utah, one of the worst 10 major conference teams in america, by 2 points. They just got their point guard back, but it didn't matter much. They still look awful. USC, Utah, and ASU all in the same conference....what a big pile of crap. Colorado isn't great on the road, as their 2h legs get heavy in the low elevation, but they are 4 1/2 points better than this sh.tty team).

I don't follow the SEC real close, you might have to get NINO's input on this, but Florida laying 12 1/2 to Tenn seems a bit much to me.
Uconn and Texas 1h fades came in, Texas and Marquette both covered the 2nd half. Tennessee won outright. Colorado is in progress and winning. About the only thing that didn't come in today was Cinci 1h (and they had a 16-4 lead) 5-1 so far, that works.
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