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Syracuse 1h -6 (it's a big number, but uconn can shave anything, and they just got bad news about next years dance, and may come out flat).

Kstate 1h +2 (Fade Texas 1h, and IF Texas does not cover the 1h, then play Texas 2nd half at -3 or less. Pass at halftime on anything higher).

Cinci 1h +3 1/2
(Similar to Texas, Marquette has lost the 1h straight up, 8 of last 10, and conversely won the 2nd half in 9 of 10. Play the fade/bet em, game 1h / 2h with Marquette as well. If Marquette loses the 1h straight up, bet marquette, and lay almost any single digit 2nd half.)

Colorado -4 1/2
(ASU just struggled to beat Utah, one of the worst 10 major conference teams in america, by 2 points. They just got their point guard back, but it didn't matter much. They still look awful. USC, Utah, and ASU all in the same conference....what a big pile of crap. Colorado isn't great on the road, as their 2h legs get heavy in the low elevation, but they are 4 1/2 points better than this sh.tty team).

I don't follow the SEC real close, you might have to get NINO's input on this, but Florida laying 12 1/2 to Tenn seems a bit much to me.
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