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Do you really want the media to know cwissy? Or do you just want to count on it year after year and SILENTLY cash a check.

@Seton Hall 22-35, 41-40
@Rutgers 30-28, 30-39 Uconn was a 6 pt game fav, so rutgers prbly covered 1h
WV 28-33, 36-24
@ND 24-25, 43-28
Cinci 33-42, 34-28

Well, the 1st half under did not come in. I figured one team trying to lose, and one team who just sucks in the 1st half, should have been a recipe for the under in the 1h, did not come to fruition. I guess I didn't count on easy baskets, and turnovers etc to the opposition. sorry.

i guess there is a reason I called this the "Auto" fade. You close your eyes, lay any number, and be confident Uconn will figure out how to cash it.

5 straight fades... and counting.
"If life throws you curve balls, sit on it, and put it in the 2nd deck"..... yeah, well, that's nice, but I could never hit a damn curve ball.
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