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I have to work until around 5 cst today, and i'll post after that, as I don't have the half time numbers yet, but for the game I'm seeing Uconn -7, and as expected 129 for a game total. As I mentioned, I'd temper your enthusiasm for the Uconn 1st half auto fade today, and keep it light, if at all, as Cinci has a similar fade pattern in the first half as well (see above). I'd consider playing the 1st half under in this one when the number comes up, it should be in the low 60's, and I expect an ugly mid 50's first half out of these two. 2nd half should be be more fireworks and you might be able to get a little over action in the 2nd half, if they throw a mid to high 60's number out there at the half. Both teams play better in 2nd half action. Personally, I would just play a little on the 1st half under, and go heavier on the Texas Auto Fade today, and leave the sides alone in the uconn/cinci game.

Kstate is -5 1/2 right now, which means some where around -3 for a 1st half number, and that should be just fine. Take Kstate, and lay the 3 in the first half. Again, Texas hasn't covered the first half in 7 straight games, vs major conference opponents.
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