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You want some Texas?

This was 2009, the horns won their first 17 ball games. Coincidentally, their football team won all their regular season games too. But then they struggled against Neb, and N-Dam-A-Kan-SOOOOOO and barely won 13-12. But they weren't close to covering. Then they got their ass kicked by alabama in the BCS title game. funny, beginning Jan 5th, the basketball team stops covering the 1st half of ball games for about a month and half... except for the 1 colorado game, and the Uconn game, where, well, Uconn was trying to lose the 1st half too....

@Ark 44-48, 48-37
Col 57-42, 46-44
@ISU 42-44, 48-39
A/M 27-36, 33-24
@KSU 26-36, 36-35
Uconn DNA
TT 47-50, 48-33
Baylor 29-38, 35-26
@OSU, 32-36, 40-24
OU 30-48, 41-32
KU 24-34, 44-46

Come ON, look at those 1h, 2h scores... coincidence??? No way!!!

They are doing it again boys, Texas has not covered the first half, against 7 straight major conference opponents. I'm not counting the Tex Arlingtons, and co-rec bowling leagues.

Uconn has failed to cover 4 strt 1st halves, Texas 7. It's like your own personal ATM, almost every damn year. Uconn, has been every year, Texas, not so much. Maybe it depends on the college football bowl games. The Dallas cowboys have been getting beat like a drum lately??? Did the basketball players get stuck to the bookie again?
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