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Originally Posted by analyzer View Post
I'm going to throw this out there for digestion.

Texas last 6 opponents from major conferences:

A/M 26-24, 35-27
Okie St 21-21, 37-28
@ISU 34-44, 37-33
@UNC 23-39, 40-43
Temple 31-34, 46-31
UCLA 28-34, 41-25

I would hazzard a guess they didn't cover the 1st half against any of those. They are at Missouri in an hour. IF you like the Tigers first half you have to lay 5 1/2. Normally that number would scare me off, but I think the horns find a way to lose the 1st half by more than that.
Mizzou wins first half 43-28. The Texas 1st half auto fade continues...

I don't think Texas could've covered if they wanted to, shaving or not, Mizzou hit 7 of their first 8, from 3 point land.
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