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Default THE DAILY PICKS THREAD (AKA: Uconn 1st Half Auto Fade)

Well, it's about that time a year again. 4 years running, the Huskies have given us a nice fade opportunity in Jan/Feb. Last year it was 7 or 8 in a row, followed by their amazing NCAA tournament run. I don't know how a team fails to cover 7 1st halves in a row, and then runs off 11 straight wins. But Uconn does that just about every year.

Uconn has now missed the cover in their last 3 1st halves.

@ Seton Hall 22-35
@ Rutgers 30-28
West Virginia 28-33

Uconn plays at ND on Saturday. I'd recommend a 1st half play on the Irish. Maybe we can get a few wins out of this. I can see them tanking quite a few games coming up.
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