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Players don't give a dam about the teams they play for anymore, there is nothing but greed. The concept of being a fan makes no sense to me anymore.

If I am a fan of a college football team, who am I pulling for? The coach who will move to another school in an instant if they offer him more money? The kids who picked that school because it was simply closer to their family or got paid to go there?

AJ Green is a multi millionaire and he missed the first 4 games of Georgia's season last year because he sold something for 1 thousand dollars? He screwed the entire season for 1k, KNOWING that in less than a year he would be rich beyond his dreams. I know exactly what happened in his case though. An agent or whoever, told him to do that, because GA was breaking in a new QB and his stock could drop. AJ did that on purpose so his stats would not suffer. And it worked. But it was the wrong thing to do. It was incredibly greedy and self centered. Georgia won the SEC championship and their best receiver immediately sells his ring? Nothing but money matters to athletes anymore.

If you are a fan of an NFL team, who are you pulling for? The players on the team I used to pull for, the Falcons, could care less about the Falcon organization. Why should I?

Every f'ing day you here that an athlete making millions is mad about his contract. Meanwhile people of his race, good people, in Haiti are trying to eat today by mixing dirt with anything else they can find. It's just so outrageous. You know Frank Gore is telling people he may not play hard this year because he is furious over his multi million dollar contract.

A perfectly healthy man, father of a friend of mine, who never smoked, drank or took drugs was working and his Aorta exploded. Died less than a week later. 62 years old. A man I respected and worked hard to support his family and church. Perfect physical shape. Life is too short, people are suffering, and I don't give a fuck about these jackoffs that think the world owes them everything anymore. Georgia and the Falcons can lose every game from now on, it doesn't matter. it is pointless.

By the way I would bet every dollar I own, if I owned anything, on Boise St. ML to beat GA. GA has lost 3 offensive linemen and their starting taliback is gone. Boise may have the most talented team they have ever had and the coach is showing film of GA beating them 48-3 or 48-10 in Athens 5 years ago. Boise is going to win that game by 21 points. Then double your money the next week on SC against GA. SC will win the East this year and flip a coin with them winning the SEC. Lattimore is the best running back in the nation, by a long shot, and they are loaded out of their minds. Spurrier never had a RB, WR combo in Florida that he has right now in SC.

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