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Default The Hawks' road flops: - Unacceptable' and - embarrassing'

The Hawks' road flops: - Unacceptable' and - embarrassing'
12:18 pm April 25, 2010, by Mark Bradley

Milwaukee – There’s a belief within the Hawks’ organization — not a pipe dream, but an actual belief — that this is one of the half-dozen teams capable of playing into June. On talent, it is. But even now, in this third playoff run, there’s something missing.

Over the past 25 months, the Hawks have played 10 road playoff games. They’ve lost nine. As egregious as Saturday’s performance was here, it was the closest of those nine defeats.

That’s correct. An 18-point loss was, by Hawks standards, a tight road game. The average margin of those nine losses is 25.6 points. Only by the loosest possible definition can such showings be called competing.

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