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Default NHL Wednesday October 28th 2009 Selections

I like what I see on this card. We'll see if it plays out in my favor.

St Louis Blues - Carolina is a fade play in my books. St Louis has a decent team and should be able to win. This is not my favorite selection but definately on my card.

Buffalo Sabres - Same idea. Buffalo is the hotter team right now. New Jersey has looked good their past couple of games but my play is on the Sabres here. Again not my favorite selection but on my card.

Columbus Bluejackets - They are playing good hockey this season. Playing at home. Playing against the Coyotes which will likely lose on any given night and being on an East coast road trip certainly isn't going to help them.

Montreal Canadiens - Definately worth the risk based on the price. Penguins have been flat their past couple of games and le Blue Blanc Rouge are starting to heat up.

Nashville Predators - The Wild can't score. They are a horrible team. The Predators have shown signs of life this season and are paying a decent price.

Dallas Stars -1.5 - Toronto just won a game and move further along on their West coast road trip. The Stars will take them out to the wood shed.

Calgary Flames - Playing back to back nights in Alberta is never easy. I'm a believer of the Avalanche this season but I feel this game will be a loss for them.

Los Angeles Kings - Kings are playing great hockey right now. At this point in the season they are more consistent than the Sharks. Sharks have played some good games on their road trip but I'm puttng my money on the Kings.
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