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Originally Posted by nostaw1952 View Post
Originally Posted by Uncle B View Post
Watching 'The Departed'...Heard this in the background, and remembered how much i love the song..

I thought that I was the only person besides Scorcese who liked that song, it's weird, the number of Beach Boy songs I like can literally be counted on one hand, but that's the top by far.

As far as what song is currently in my head, it's that goddamn "pa-pa-pa Poker Face, pa-pa-pa Poker Face" by Lady Ugh-Ugh. The fact I just heard she may be a hebie-shebie makes my stomach curdle all the more...

I'm not a fan of The Beach Boys either actually....Maybe 3 songs in all i actually like of theirs....I love this one though, one of my favorite songs of all-time...
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