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Originally Posted by Uncle B View Post
tinypic is one of the best out there, but keep in mind, they will delete any image that they find even remotely 'offensive'..

the one i have been using most often lately, is 'ImageHaven'.....It's fast, simple, and they never delete images that i have noticed.

here's a link to ImageHaven's upload page.....i linked this to the 'basic' page, just because i find it's a lot easier to use than their standard uploader...You just gotta be sure you click "ADULT CONTENT' where it asks 'Select content type'...

ImageHaven - free image hosting
oh ok ill use imagehaven then, just using tinypic cuz couldnt find keepmyfile anymore, guess it died...

yeah i guess tinypic didnt know what the fedor/arlovski video i posted a couple hours after the ppv event was lol... or they woulda dumped it...

tks 4 help