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Default PLEASE READ!! banned image host/download links, etc...

I just deleted over 600 posts here... I have tried to be lenient with the image hosts some of you have been using, but, i am drawing the line, and barring certain image hosts from being used here from now on.

The worst of the bunch i have already deleted every file from this forum, it is 'linkbucks'...This is the one that pushed too far.

I will not allow any imagehosts that make forum users wait some predetermined amount of time, so they can bombard the viewer with pop ups and banner ads.

I won't allow any image host that redirects the viewer to another site, and i won't allow any image hosts that lock a viewers screen, or stops them from killing the page with pop-up's asking them to please reconsider leaving...

As i see them, i will delte them, and rreplace with an explanation as to why....If the same user persists in trying to use them, i'll ban the user.

This forum is here for MW readers and posters entertainment..It is not here to serve as peoples personal piggy bank....If your only purpose here is to try to make money from what you post, then find a new outlet, because it is not wanted or welcome here.

I am stuck right now having to use to post images in thumbnail form, because i am having difficulty with the mw image host i use....Until i get that worked out, i want viewers to be able to click thumbnail images here, without having to worry about being bombarded with click through affiliate shit.

Any image host that i see that crosses that line, will no longer be allowed, period.. There may be a rare instance that i let certain image hosts slide by, so long as they do not cause any sort of inconvenience for the MW posters and viewers, but, i'll have to deal with them as they come along...And in those cases,. it is only because the user(s) are longtime, respected contributors to this forum..

As soon as i see any of those creating an issue though, they will be done with as well...

I'm sorry if i am coming off as an ass, but, i honestly don't give a shit...All i care about is running this forum properly, and knowing the readers here won't be abused by garbage affiliate shit image hosts.

Thanks in advance for understanding, and cooperating, and to those who don't understand or feel slighted somehow, well, fuck off.....Most likely you are exactly the ones i am aiming this toward, and the reason for this threads existance, so, i could not give a shit less if you are 'hurt' somehow.

If anyone is unsure of what image hosts are acceptable, feel free to ask.....The one i use most often, is - Image Hosting and Image Upload

It is quick, easy, reliable, and does not bombard viewers with tons of shit....If you are looking for a good image host, give them a try...There are many others though, so don't hesitate to ask about any, or recommend one you find reliable and convenient for users..



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