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Originally Posted by Uncle B View Post
we're gonna run to Golden Coral at around 4pm, to stock up on a shitload of goodies for the night..

If you get takeout there, they charge you by the pound, so, we can usually get 7 or 8 good sized ribeye's, a big ass pile of those thick mashed potatos and gravy, a bunch of fried chicked, roasted chicken, mac 'n cheese, bacon wrapped NY Strips, fried okra, corn on the cob, a few pork chops, chicken tenders, and 5 or six different deserts...all for about $50.00.....

And honestly, the ribeye steaks there are incredible...better than Outback, imo, and i love Outback.

Hell the amount of steaks we get are usually worth the $50.00..... the manager has gotta hate it when we pop in...

I'll never get takeout from Golden Coral again, on an empty stomch.

holy shit, we have a whole butt-load of food still in the fridge, and, i ate that crap for breakfast, lunch and dinner today...
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