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Originally Posted by StarnetGypsy View Post
that sounds disgusting, but ya do whatcha gots'ta do

if the bacon aint over 6/mos frozen then i wouldn't worry about it. it's when you keep something frozen for a year that they become questionable .. or so my butcher told me awhile back.

Unc, you don't have a cash-stash anywheres in the house? not even a coin jar in the garage for beer? howza'bout under the chair/couch cushions? think man, THINK!

yeah, but, i ain't walkin to the store man, thats like, almost a mile.....I'd have to get dressed, put shoes on, etc..etc..

and, i ain't payin the pizza guy with quarters...

i'm full now anyways... a pack of bacon did the trick..

So, i have 2 packs of smokes, a half a bag of Chex Mix, and about a liter of Mountain Dew.....That should hold me till they get back..
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