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Originally Posted by sylf View Post
You're fine w/ the bacon. BLT's or bacon and melted cheese sanwiches(had one for breakfast) are great! DO NOT touch the bird

blt would be sweet, but, no damn bread

smells good so far, so, i ain't worried..

the bird, i think i am trashing... was washing it off, and the skin felt all scruffy and odd..I pulled the skin off, and but the meat underneath is kinda yellowish, so, don't think i'll risk that one....It does smell ok though.

Originally Posted by homedog View Post
There has got to be a good story behind this one.

Just don't burn the house down.

nah, no story really... i just left my wallet and keys in the blazer, and trish took my truck so she could haul the nieces up to Silver Springs.

Soon as she left, i got up to run to the store to get donuts, and realized how bad i had screwed up.

Then, i called Dominos to see if they had me CC info on file, and they said 'no, thats against store policy'...

so, i am screwed...i shoulda just gone on the friggin canoe trip, at least they have sammiches..
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