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I am stuck inside this friggin house with no vehicle, no wallet, and no decent damn food.

so, i have a question...

I have a pack of frozen bacon in the freezer, there is no expiration date anywhere that i can find, but, does it even matter? If it was frozen when we bought it, it should be good indefinitely, correct?

I've eaten bad bacon before, and don't really wanna go there again, but, this has been frozed since the day we bought it i think... And that should keep for like, years, right?

Actually, i do have chicken breasts in the fridge, but, i can't remember when i thawed those out, and bad chicken scares me more than bad bacon.

then again, if you fry chicken, that should kill any bacteria that may be there anyways, right?

frying chicken sounds like a hell out of alot of work though.

holy shit, this is gonna be a horrible day.

I guess i could call the wife, and ask her to read me my visa info do i can order a pizza, but, if i do, she'll probably figure out that i wasn't really too sick to go on the friggin canoe trip she is on.

Whole day to myself, and no fuckin wallet..

Actually screw the wallet, i'm just hungry dammit..
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