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The title of the piece is:

Ref Point Fixing Scandal Illustrates Why Online Sports Gambling is Necessary...By H. Henderson

were you misquoted?

No, but if you read the article you'll see that my argument is that people will bet on sports anyways, have since sports began so they won't stop now. If they don't bet offshore or in Vegas (which isn't an option for most) they will bet with a local where most of the shenanigans occur. In the UK the sports leagues and the local authorities work with the online sportsbooks to help monitor betting in an attempt to catch any unusual betting. This is in the article:

In 2005, UEFA signed an exclusive contract with Betfair to monitor betting on games in an effort to try and catch anyone who may be involved with game fixing, particularly soccer. This was UEFA CEO Lars-Christer Olsson’s comments upon inking the agreement:
"We are happy that we have reached this agreement with Betfair, as it is an important step forward in ensuring the continued integrity of our competitions. This is in line with our permanent efforts to protect the game from
match-fixing and will facilitate the gathering of information in case of
suspicious results".

Betfair's CEO Stephen Hill, added:
"We are delighted to be able to add this agreement to those we already have with the governing bodies of sport. Working closely with sporting regulators, and allowing them access to the information we have, is the best way to ensure that sport is kept free of crime. “
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