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LATEST: Troubled singer BOBBY BROWN has paid back the bosses of a Washington, D.C. radio station
that bailed him out of jail last week for not paying child support.

The DON'T BE CRUEL star, 38, was arrested in Massachusetts on 25 February (07) and spent three nights behind bars
before radio station chiefs at Hot 99.5 FM posted $19,150 (GBP9,820) bail.

The radio station paid the money in exchange for the singer's services as a co-host on THE KANE SHOW for one week.

The station claims the singer broke the agreement after 10 minutes when he hung up during a live on-air phone interview on Friday
(02MAR07) - and never called back.

Brown got into an argument with the host of the show over whether he would discuss his child support woes and
what his actual agreement with the station was.

Source: WENN