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i tell you boys, i think i broke an all time record for calories in one day yesterday.. i dont know why but i always seem to have a great appetite during superbowl sunday. i went to a party a friend of mine had at his house and he had 8 different kinds of wings, 6 different pizza's, hot dogs, chips, fridge full of cokes and beers and lots of cake. I must've had about 64 wings, 3 slices of pizza, 1 hot dog, 7 cokes, and half a chocolate cake. Of course this was during a 8 hr span.. from 3 till 11...

but i will say this, i just dropped a deuce just 25 min ago.It was one of my greatest craps of all time.. i had to flush 3 times.. i almost had to use the plunger though, as the water creeped up to the top and almost overflown, but thankfully, all ended well.. could have been a nightmare.. but i feel 20 lbs lighter now.. and i will sleep like a baby tonight, all thanks to those great wings, that are now flowing in the St Lawrence river..

god bless super bowl sunday..
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