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Pelosi has been a sharp critic of the Bush administration's conduct of the war and has led a drive in Congress against sending 21,500 more troops as part of a new security crackdown in Baghdad.

In Washington on Friday, President Bush challenged skeptical lawmakers not to prematurely condemn his buildup, saying "I'm the decision-maker."
This kind of statement by Bush proves he actually is as stupid, arrogant and delusional as he appears. No you are not the decision maker, you are a fuking idiot who has "led" the US to their first losing war since Vietnam. And we have lost. We got the shitt kicked out of us in fact. And it was a meaningless war fought under false pretenses. It is time to give Dubya a reality check. Congress should cut off the funds COLD and then let's see the Decision Maker continue the war.

Voting for this idiot twice was the second and third worst mistakes of my life. Number one is still choosing Michigan State baskets -4.5 over the Golden Shower Gophers at the Barn to close out a 6 team $50,000 that ended up being the last bet I ever made offline. Fukkin bankrupted me. Was the only loss on the card.
Fuck you, Tiger
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