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Default New bill introduced in Washington State?

I did not see this posted yet?

Source: - Thu, Jan 25th, 2007 @ 12:00am

A bill was submitted in the state of Washington last week to exclude internet gambling played from a person's home from being a felony. This also includes online poker.

Under the state's 2006 internet gambling law, any online gambling currently conducted in the state is a Class C Felony, which is the same penalty for possessing child pornography.

Washington State Rep. Chris Strow, R-Whidbey Island, introduced House Bill 1243 on Jan 15, 2007 to correct what he considers an inappropriate penalty for an activity responsible adults should be allowed to do in the privacy of their home.

"While I do see the need for protecting our citizens from online gaming that may be scamming innocent victims, I do think that there is also a level of accountability, as an adult, to do as he or she chooses in his or her own home," said Strow.

He added, "Most certainly choosing to gamble, or play a game of skill such as poker, should not have been made a crime equivalent to possessing child pornography or threatening the Governor."

Other sponsors of the bill include Representatives Kirby, Upthegrove, B. Sullivan, Simpson, and Appleton.
House Bill 1243 is currently awaiting a hearing in the House Commerce and Labor Committee.

Strow made a plea for state residents to call and write to the Chairman of the House Commerce and Labor Committee, Representative Steve Conway, to ask him to schedule a hearing for House Bill 1243.
In 1998 the Department of Justice brought charges under the Wire Act against 22 American citizens involved in managing foreign-based sites. "You canít hide online," Janet Reno, the attorney-general, warned Internet betting operators, "and you canít hide offshore."
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