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Default My Bets: Season Long Results NBA & CBB

I havenít posted plays in a long time. Iíve been playing for a long while now though. Eighteen and half years to be exact.

For record keeping purposes Iíll use the 10% Vig. However if you can get less youíd save a ton long term. Iím sure everyone knows this by now though.

Iíll just keep all my bets in one thread as to not clutter up the forum to bad. I wager two to five percent of my bankroll per play. Iíll display these percentages plays using the (*) method, or units as most everyone refers to their unit size when posting their plays. I think most of us know the bigger the unit the better. At least thatís what my wife says but in this case Iím talking about profits. I cash out at the end of every month. This month, and last month has been/went well. However no one here knows that so Iíll start everything at zero.

Okay weíll see how I do getting back into the saddle with forum posting. I use to do written analysis with EVERY play in the forums, but I got burnt out doing that. Not that anyone gives a crap, but I thought I'd share.

Oh shit, I donít mean to ramble, but just so everyone knows I normally play a lot of games risking around twenty to forty percent per day. My starting day just happens to be a rare occasion with only two plays.

I guess during the transfer over with the new website my original thread went missing. So of course I had to start a new one.

Saturday, 1/13/2007

NBA: (I play all my NBA plays at 5*)
Record: 1-1, 50% (-0.5*)

Later Today

CBB: (I play all my CBB at 3*)
Record: 0-0, 0% (0.0*)

George Mason -19.5
Clemson +4
San Jose State +8.5
LaSalle +10.5
Florida Atlantic -3
UNC Wilmington -9.5
Pepperdine +2.5
Appalachian State -18

Record: 3% Plays 0-0, 0% (0.0*)
5% Bets 0-0, 0% (0.0*)

5% Baltimore -4

No Games Scheduled

January: 1-1, 50% (-0.5*)


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