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Casablanca was one of the best books out there as of 8 months ago. Then things started changing for the worse, a lot worse. I asked a few guys on here wtf was going on but they either weren't playing there or were pretty clueless, or one of the many sportbook sycophants that this site is plagued with. Now, I understand the games that a lot of guys on here play and I respect guys like reality who know much more about this business then I ever will but when he came in a few months ago and said that they were just as good as ever then I knew that something was up. I didn't bother getting into it with him - I just stated that his opinion was quite outdated. The reason being, around april of this year things stared taking a dramatic turn at cbs, and I'm not talking about isolated incidents either.

This book had it all. I don't know who, what , when , where, why or how, but everything started changing at that time. I mean, they made some of the most amateurish, boneheaded decisions of any book that I've ever played at, and that list includes SIA, the rock, and Yahoops. And this wasn't a case of a book making changes to get around a guy who was killing them because I was break-even, at best , with them. They made decisions that cost them an absolute tonne of action from many players and they didn't even seem to care. In fact, as time went on, it seemed that the less action they took , the happier they were. I tried to get to the bottom of it but I was refused access to the guys in charge on more than 1 occasion. So, with so many other books to play at, instead of wasting my time arguing with them about wtf was going on with their decision-making , I just picked up my chips and left.

To this day, I still have no idea what the hell happened at casa that made them go from one of the best to one of the most inept in such a short period of time. It really was a shame because I hadn't been there for that long, but I certainly enjoyed the time that I did spend there, until things took a dramatic turn for the worse.

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