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<< Wagers were taken on both sides of the match up until 9:45 that evening. At that point we had taken bets on both players but we were heavy on the dog. The line manager on staff (who does work the entire evening) moved the line incorrectly. Instead of moving the match to +350 he moved it istead to +605. We are not sure why this happened but it can be assumed it was a simple case of human error. >>

<< We took many bets on the Matchup throughout the evening and right up until it went off the board. The line manager did not realize the mistake until three bets came in minutes apart on Nadal for the maximum limit(total of $3000). >>

<< The Matchup was immediately closed and we started to investigate the situation. >>

Dave admits right here in this quote that they knew before the match started. If they didn't cancel the bet then, they were taking a shot to wait till after the result to decide whether to pay or not. It is unacceptable to have the opportunity to cancel a bet when the mistake is discovered and wait till after the event is over to decide the player's fate.

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