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There are so many things that bother me in this statement, none of which have much to do with this specific case---it has to do with the "philosophy" of the book. Just to name a few:

All four accounts were very sporadic players. Every wager made up until that point was only made on lines that were weak or there was considerable value. These players were 'shoppers' who used betCBS only when a line had value.

Huh? Aren't ALL gamblers only supposed to place wagers where there is value? You expect your players to play bad lines with you out of some kind of loyalty? I have 100's of books at my disposal, if I was signed up with you, you can bet that you would never get one single wager from me that I couldn't get at a cheaper price elsewhere....even if you were my own mother.

betCBS does not mind if players use us to scalp or middle.

How kind of you!

There are several other items that confuse me, but I've already seen enough to know I want no part of this mess.
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